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New clan info

Rio tagBMA posted Sun at 20:16
Hey yall!

I know there is a lot of questions and uncertainy right now, so I am trying to make myself as available as possible to answer them all week.

Some new info:

-The new clan site should be up and running by Saturday. After Saturday, kccoclan.com will be erased.
- If you have contributed and stayed active over the past year or so, you are invited to join. Im trying to get all invites out, please mind my forgetfulness and shoot me a message if you dont recieve yours.
- The new clan will be exclusive. We will be concentrating on XB1, Xbox 360 and PC only. Membership will also be exclusive, with a 50 member limit and referral only entry policy. This is to help us grow as a group, whereas the previous unlimited membership policy caused us to grow apart.
-There will be very minimal hierarchy. Everyone is on the same level as everyone else. Everyone will chose what they want their chatbox name to look like when they join.
- New features: There will be a teamspeak server on the front page of the new site, enabling group voice chat for people who log on. Basically a live voice chat box. With the smaller member base and a focus on comradere, we will have the time again for fun weekly events. We will also not be under contract anymore, so we will be free to do what we want, post what we want, etc. Lastly, the Clan twitch will be available for anyone to stream, anytime. When you gain entry to the new clan you will recieve the log in info, and the channel will be on the front page at all times. 

One more thing- it appears Outsiders already has a community associated with it, so we will pick something new. Lets hear some ideas for yall, something interesting, different.

Thanks for sticking with it yall, soon we will be better than ever,
Komoda BMA lol should be fun
The 1 Mr E BMA LEGION, for we are and can be MANY
Rio tagBMA I like Regulators...brings back memories and Warren G...

The Death Of KCCO

Rio tagBMA posted Thu at 15:27
Ladies and gentlemen, KCCO is done.

We will be changing the site to an exclusive crew under the Outsiders Gaming moniker. Outsiders will have a 50 member limit with a referal only new member policy, if you have shown passion for what we have been doing the last 2 years you will recieve an invite.

We will no longer be a Chive focused group, only a casual group focusing on building a strong base of good people. Our time as KCCO was awesome, now its time to find our own identities. If you want to stay in a CHive based group, find 
Kilo and Chive Gaming on Facebook.

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